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New Year New Start

Happy new year everyone! 2017 was a pretty good year but of course 2018 will be even better. In 2017 I managed to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my adult life besides getting married and having children.

When I was in grade 9 I had a teacher who had asked us what we had wanted to become after high school. Everyone else had answers. Nurses, Construction workers, Teachers etc. He laughed at my answer and told me I was ridiculous. My answer was I wanted to be a mom. This teacher had told me that I could not simply just be a mom and that I needed to aspire to do something carrier wise. Well by the time grade 12 had come around I still didn't really know what I wanted to do. I bounced from wanting to be a marine biologist to a councillor, theatre lighting tehnician and still none of that kept my interest. I was working at Petsmart and became a fully certified dog groomer and even that only held my interest for a couple of months. Now almost 10 years later Ive finally figured it out. I want to be a mom that works from home. I wish I could walk right up to that teacher now and say "look at me now I am a stay at home mom!" I also get the perk of being able to be creative and still have a greater purpose in contributing to my family.

I kind of stumbled into photography as this isn't something I would have ever considered as a life time carrier choice. Lone behold here I am working my way up with people actually wanting me to capture special moments in their life and I absolutely love doing it. I truly owe it to my sister in law for giving me the courage and challenging me into seriously picking up my camera again.

So here is how it all began..... Char got engaged (my sister in law) and of course she was going to want photos done. Then 6 days later Amanda (my other sister in law) got engaged. Neither of the fiance's knew that they were planning on popping the big question. Char didn't want to have the same style photos as Amanda since we have a family friend who is also a photographer. She had what I thought was jokingly mentioned "you have a nice camera why don't you just take your photos." I just laughed and said sure and then realized she wasn't kidding.

With this I decided what the heck why not I haven't done much with it since high school besides take some photos while travelling or of my daughter. I dusted off my poor neglected camera and off I went to take some practice photos before the real deal. After fiddling around for a bit it was just like riding a bike. I had forgotten how much I had enjoyed taking photos and editing. So without Char I wouldn't be writing this blog and I would probably still feel as lost in a carrier choice.

2018 is going to be an even better year! I can't wait to share all my adventures, challenges and growth with you. Stayed tuned as I have some big things planned for this year.



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