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Cayamo adventures

This blog has been quiet for a few weeks.... I am still alive and well! Recently Ive had some big changes in a positive direction as well as cold and flu season has hit my house (mostly me) this year full force. Nothing a couple of weeks away with some salty sunshine air couldn't handle. Of course the recycled airplane air and returning to cold weather has put me under the weather again... being pregnant I guess takes a toll on your immune system and I am catching everything.

Now that I'm finally feeling better heres what Ive been up to.

Every year our family goes on this amazing vacation on a cruise. To all you cruise haters out there you have not been on a Sixthman Cruise. If you love some sunny warm weather, an all you can eat buffet with 7 day music festival please go and check it out ASAP!!! I was a terrible photographer on this "journey through song" so I will share some of the very talented Will Byrington Photography's work, taking a 18 month old on a cruise is a whole new experience so my iPhone had to do to capture my own memories.

The annual Cayamo family photo. Literally once a Cayamoan always a Cayamoan when you sail away this is your family for the next week and what a great bunch of people to spend it with. This year John Prine lead the Sail away show which was a compilation of his music covered by many of the artists on the boat.

One of my favourite memories from this cruise was from the Mardi Gras theme night or day for some. I was drinking my morning coffee letting Aria run around the covered pool as it was one of the few areas I could let her run free. When another Cayamoan came around handing out beads to all the children. All day everyone was sharing beads and listening to amazing music. This is what Cayamo is truly about for me anyways, everyone sharing and listening to amazing music. I love the fact that people come from all over the world and we share the love of music in common.

We had so much fun on this adventure but now its back to reality and time to get some work done. until next time Cayamo!

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