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Leary Family Photos

I love babies and kids maybe its because I'm a mom and they always remind me of my baby girl or just the fact that they are so entirely innocent. I also love getting to meet other parents and capturing their family moments and milestones for them. This family welcomed another baby girl into the world and wanted some photos to match her big sister. Originally we had hoped to get some of the whole family but unforchiatly the cold and flu season had struck their household as well leaving out dad. This shoot was a little different for me as it was indoors I typically do outdoor photoshoots since I do not have my own studio but she had a great space with some natural light and I got to bring out some of my lighting equipment. Once I was set up we did some of the big sister and mom since the baby was having a nap.

Little monster even got to be a part of the photos (her favourite toy). It was now time to wake up her baby sister and luckily this is the happiest baby on the planet when woken up from a nap!

The love these two sisters already share is just the sweetest!

They had photos done of their eldest daughter and wanted some to match. So be prepared for major cuteness coming up!

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