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New Orleans

If you read my previous blog I mentioned about being on vacation. Every year we go on Cayamo which is amazing! Usually it will port out of Miami but this year we got the chance to see somewhere new New Orleans, Louisiana. Before going there my impression on Nola was Mardi Gras, Beads, Drinking and dancing on the streets, voodoo, cemeteries and jazz music. Honestly I wasn't really sure about taking our 18 month old daughter there especially smack dab right in the middle of Mardi Gras. To my surprise New Orleans is super family friendly, even in the middle of Mardi Gras. I was uneducated on what this city was like. That being said we did not go to any of the parades and we were gone before Fat Tuesday.

Our first Nola adventure was Bourbon Street. We arrived just after noon and walked around which I think was the perfect time with a little one. Reading lots of other Travel blogs they warned me about not going to Bourbon street until after they have cleaned the streets as it may smell like the mix of stale beer urine and vomit. Well we missed that thank goodness. I definitely see how this place could be an awesome place to party. The streets are lined with bars music pouring out of each one, beads hanging from the lines going across the street and every shop full of Mardi Gras souvenirs.

We stopped had some lunch and headed over to the French quarter. The French quarter was a lot more touristy and a bit more artsy. There was a jazz group playing and being filmed I'm not sure what for but they were very good.

We continued to walk looking for the jazz section of New Orleans on a bit of a wild goose chase looking for Frenchman St. (my father in law thought it was Franklin St.) We walked pretty far and ended up in a not so great end of town. Everyone was still very nice and friendly but we decided to call it quits and the guys took an uber back to grab the cars while us girls sat in a McDonalds and gave my daughter an ice-cream cone. We never would have really realized that it wasn't somewhere we should have been except the uber driver recommeded that we should stick closer to the French quarter and told us where to find Frenchman St.

Earlier in my post I said how kid friendly New Orleans was, Well here is my momma rave for you all. During Mardi Gras they have special times set up for Family Parades which I think is fantastic! We decided we didn't want to fight the crowds and the traffic since our daughter was not so in to being cooped up in her stroller but some of our group braved the crowds and had a great time down at the parades. Instead we took our daughter to the Louisiana Childrens Museum. I wish we had something like this where we live up here in Abbotsford BC Canada. We could spend weeks here, there was so many things to do and explore! The admission prices were so reasonable as well only $10 a person. If we had more time there is also a zoo, an aquarium, many different parks including a park based on different classic fairy tales.

New Orleans was full of wonderful suprises and I definitely did not have enough time to see it all. Hopefully I will be able to return someday soon to explore more.

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