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Eighteen Pastures Wedding Barry and Jasmine

Going back to last year when I decided to try this whole photography thing out seriously.... not just taking photos while traveling or when ever I felt like it, I mean real live clients that actually wanted to hire me. I posted a few things over social media hoping someone would like my work. I'm sure I'm my biggest critique and thought I would have to beg people to let me take their photos. Well low and behold I met Jasmine and Barry. Jasmine saw one of my posts and sent me a message asking me if I was ok with hiking. I love hiking especially growing up in British Columbia there are so many amazingly beautiful places to see that are right in our back yard. They wanted to get some engagement photos done up at Cascade falls in Mission BC. I live so close and yet I had never been there before, what a treat it was so incredibly beautiful. We decided to go there first thing in the morning before anyone else had shown up. During their shoot I got the pleasure of getting to know the two of them and got to meet their super cute dogs. When they had booked me for the engagement shoot Jasmine had also inquired about having me be a second shooter for their wedding which I was so humbled by. Of course I said yes and then later found out I was expecting our second child. Well I wasn't about to let that stop me and I'm so glad I didn't. They booked me with the possibility that I may have had to refund them, and then they would have only one photographer which wouldn't have been the end of the world but their first photographer was Barry's brother who did want some photos with him in them.

The wedding day arrived I packed my gear into my mini van and drove off feeling like I was driving to Disney land. I showed up to the girls getting ready at Jasmine and Barry's house and everyone was just so relaxed. Fun fact about me is I used to work for a mobile hair and make up company doing mostly weddings so I have seen a lot of Brides and bridal party's the morning of, and I don't believe Ive seen a group quite this calm and supportive of each other. The bridesmaids were all helping each other get ready and just enjoyed the morning.

Once the Limo arrived I continued on my way to the venue where the Groomsmen and Guests were already waiting. I met Mark who is Barry's brother and was also the other photographer. Originally Mark was supposed to lead but he offered it up to me so he could enjoy the day a little more. The bridal party arrived and finished their last minute touches before making their way to the ceremony. The ceremony was so personal, Barry and Jasmine both wrote their own vows which were hilarious yet so romantic. When discussing details with Jasmine prior to the wedding day she led me in on a special surprise for Barry. He does not like long speeches so Jasmine had prepared her vows to be just that! She pulled out her cue cards which then cascaded all the way down to the ground everyone was in stitches and thank goodness I had the heads up since Barry's reaction was the best.

Not only did I have a amazing time photographing this wedding I felt welcomed like a guest. Thank you Jasmine and Barry for the wonderful time and congratulations again!

Location: Eighteen Pastures Mission BC

Hair and Make up: Diamond Cuts

DJ: UandI Entertainment

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