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Chilliwack Sunflower Fest

Stop And Smell The Sun Flowers!!!

A few weeks ago I managed to drag my sister in law and a friends (I twisted their rubber arm) out to the Chilliwack Sun flower Festival. Every year they do a beautiful Tulip Festival and this year during their off season they grew these magnificent sunflower gardens. This place was literally Pinterest worthy! The highlight of these gardens for me was the Giant Sunflowers that stood over 10 feet tall! They had pathways going through them making you feel like you were in this beautiful maze. On the other side they had a hop field and to be totally honest I had no clue as to what a hop field would look like but it was totally charming. We wondered around took some awesome photos and with models like these it was sure easy to get some great photos. I'm sad to say the festival is now over as they are now prepping for their Tulip festival which I can't wait for.

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