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Pumpkin Patch Hopping

If you read my previous blog you would have found out that I have a love for fall, especially farms that have pumpkin patches. So why not make it a day full of pumpkin patches! I literally pumpkin patched hopped like a bar hop but with pumpkins!

So if you don't already know my sister in law is the one responsible for this whole journey and we had previously done a engagement session the year before. Now that I have grown so much we wanted to do another shoot just to see my growth and their changes in the last year and a bit. (by the way I believe we have decided to do one for every season so be prepared to see more of their faces in the future.)

We started at Willow View farms since it is a little quieter and has the apple orchard.

We then moved on to Maan Farms where we lucked out and nobody was in the pumpkin patch when we got there! Maan Farms is a little busier since they have more attractions there than willow view. The reason we wanted to go there was for their Cinderella pumpkin patch of all white pumpkins. Who doesn't want pictures in a fairy tale pumpkin patch?

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