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Coffee shops galore

What is there not to love about a hot delicious cup of local coffee. I guess I've become a bit of a coffee connoisseur, As much as I love Starbucks it definitely does not compare to some of the local shops we have popping up in town.

During the pumpkin spice season my sister and I decided to go and explore a few of them as she has started up her own fashion lifestyle blog/instagram and has become pretty popular. Go check her insta out its sincerely.greys she loves supporting our local businesses out there.

We spent the day being tourists in our own town building some content for her page while sipping some delicious coffee. She also helped me get in front of my own camera and build up some self confidence to show my face. I definitely see my home town in a whole new perspective and love to see the new growth with small businesses popping up all over.

Our first stop was Cafe Amarti and I'm seriously in love! When I walk through the doors I feel like I have stepped into a different part of the world. The coffee and the food is absolutely delicious! Ive never tasted a better Vanilla latte or Almond croissant.

We hopped over to Polly Fox to grab some lunch. Polly Fox specializes in a Gluten free menu and Cafe Amarti actually has a few of their goodies for sale on their menu as well. Lets just say I still dream of their waffle breakfast sandwich!

After Polly Fox we wondered around Down town Abby and took a quick trip over by the Old Clayburn area found the sweetest little flower hut selling the most beautiful dahlias and enjoyed the warm fall day.

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