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A daily occurrence project

Every New Years eve I start another resolution that I'm usually bound to fail.... I am probably part of the 80 percentile around the world that chooses to get fit, eat better, drink more water and so on. This year I chose something that spoke more to me, something that I am passionate about and so determined to actually conquer. This project has already helped me grow with photography and my own personal self being.

I'm not sure about you but living on the west coast here in Canada we get a lot of rainy cold damp miserable weather. Quite ofter we will have weeks that turn into months of rain. There was actually only one single day in January that had zero precipitation. The dark gloomy weather can bring on SAD disorder (seasonal affective disorder). Lack of vitamin D and light from the sun can be very tough for me. Typically in the winter I don't usually feel motivated to go outside or do much of anything. Now that I don't have a 9-5 I also don't have the push to even get dressed. This January has been different, The daily occurrence project has given me the encouragement to get up and do something. I am excited to get out and jump in puddles with my kids or play with bubbles at the kitchen counter. Every day has become a new adventure and gives me the opportunity to create my own sunlight. I have considered this project to also be a journal and a gift for my children for years to come.



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