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A Surprising Day

When I was a little girl I had wanted a surprise party so bad. So my family made it happen for me and since then I love being a part of any surprise!

Nicole had messaged me a month prior to set up a surprise photo shoot for her boyfriend Brandon, and I couldn't contain my excitement. The days leading up to this photo shoot we pre planned on how we could make this work without Brandon having a clue as to what was going on. We came up with a plan to meet down in Old Clayburn so that way he had no idea where he was, or any clue as to what we were up to. Nicole was so smooth about everything he thought they were going to play football!

When they rolled into the parking lot Nicole had a hand written letter ready for him and off we went.

We also had to have some extra fun with Brandon and he was a pretty good sport about it. He is a Patriots fan (so sorry you couldn't pick a better team) so we decided that we should convert him to a better team. So naturally I borrowed my Husband's Seahawks Jersey and we showed Brandon how good it felt to wear a real Football Jersey.

See Brandon doesn't that feel much better! I'm so glad we could help haha!

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