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Angela and Nick| Mission BC Wedding

Sometimes I swear I have crazy luck with weather. I usually joke with future bride and grooms, since my wedding had the craziest windstorm blowing over all 5 of our marque tents, I get to have amazing weather for the weddings I shoot. Almost every wedding I have shot this year has called for rain and we received a beautiful sunny day. Angela and Nick were just as lucky. They had decided to go with their plan B anyways just in case but non the less it was a beautiful day.

After Nick and Angela's Engagement session I knew I had to be a part of their wedding! These two are so fun and have an incredible connection. Everything these two do is about the love for their kids and their wedding was no exception. This just totally melts my heart and made their day so special.

I started the morning off at Angelas house where she was all smiles. Hair and make up was already underway. Excitement was bursting at the seams with the news of a surprise limo waiting to arrive. Angela and Nick originally wanted a limo but as we all know weddings are crazy expensive and they decided to put that money elsewhere in their budget. Angela's brother surprised them with the gift of the limo so everyone was super excited to arrive to the venue in style.

After spending some time with the girls I jetted over to Nick's house where he was getting ready with his son. He was making waffles special for the big day. Since it was nice out they fixed their ties outside and spent some time playing on the swing.

The ceremony was short and sweet and another dose of short. I think this one was the winner of the shortest ceremony. I definitely had to hustle the whole time as I think this one was literally 10 minutes start to finish. After the ceremony we went off to Hatzic lake and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Due to the call of rain it was nice and quiet which gave us plenty of space to work with without interruption.

The reception was full of life and everyone was enjoying themselves. Jello shots were passed around and everyone got their fill of tacos! Instead of a DJ they had a live band which was a total treat. We snuck away to catch the golden hour after dinner which the sun had peaked out from the clouds just in time.

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