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Cascade Falls Engagement

I guess I really need to catch up on my blogs since I already shot their wedding! Nick and Angela are such a fun couple. They take such amazing direction and their genuine love shines through on all of their photos. They truly made my job incredibly easy.

Angela was looking for a woodsy area to have her engagement photos done at, so we picked Cascade falls and it was the perfect location. I swear its the enchanted forest. There is a beautiful waterfall, and at the bottom there is the most beautiful blue green river that is crystal clear. I haven't seen anything around here that is quite the same. When I was a kid we used to play in the glacier water up in the kootneys and the water had the same appeal. I do have to say the water we played in was absolutely freezing but this time I wasn't about to try it out haha!

Lucky for us at this time of the year we didn't have to wait for the golden hour since it caught up to us. Usually I'm not a fan of having a small amount of daylight but for this purpose it was perfect. Nick and Angela were so playful the entire time and we all laughed the entire time. I was counting down the days till their wedding and lets just say we had even more fun but I will save that for later.

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