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Chilliwack Backyard Wedding

Growing up I had never really been to many weddings. The first family wedding I attended was a back yard garden ceremony followed by a reception in a hall that was literally next door. This was where I found my love for back yard weddings.

I already had the privilage of getting to know Scott and Jessica when I did their maternity and newborn session and had Jessica on Instagram. When Scott proposed I was so incredibly happy for them and then Jessica messaged me to see if I could shoot their wedding! I was over the moon happy and couldnt wait to be a part of another big milestone in their lives. When you are asked to come back and document another milestone in someone else's life it is incredibly humbling.

Scott and Jessica have a very down to earth mindset and their wedding was no different. They wanted to celebrate with their friends and family as a big family bbq. With rain in the forcast they tried to cover their ceremony area but mother nature brought that down the night before. Jessica and Scott seemed unfazed and with great luck they had a gorgeous sunny afternoon anyways. Their ceremony was short, sweet and had the most heart felt personal vows I have ever heard.

They just so happen to live right across the street to the Vedder River where we walked along taking pictures. The sun was shining over head and the fishermen were out enjoying the river. I think my favourite part of a back yard wedding is always the food. There is something about a homecooked meal that just gets me. The best part was the dill pickle pasta salad that I was lucky enough to snagg the recipe.

At the end of the day it doesnt matter where you have your ceremony and reception. The most important part is that you are married to the love of your life.

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