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Granville Island Engagement

Granville Island holds a very special place in my heart and I will go there any opportunity that comes my way. Katrina sent me an email inquiring for engagement photos she also asked how I felt about coming down to Granville island. The moment I saw the location I knew I had to do this shoot! I was so excited I talked about it for weeks and I'm sure my husband got to the eye rolling stage as I talked about it so much. I do have to admit I was a tad nervous as I had never drove down to Vancouver by myself before. Something else you should know, I have a terrible sense of direction. Lets just say my family still teases me about getting lost in Surrey and ending up in the middle of a construction site...... thats a story for another day!

Anyways the day came, all my gear was packed, I stopped for a coffee and I was on my way. When my google maps finally said. "you have arrived" I was relieved and super excited that I could finally put my big girl pants on.

I was an hour early since I was worried about traffic but it was actually perfect since it gave me a moment to scout out the best lighting. I still had some time to kill so I sat down by the water watching the ferries pull in and out listening to a local artist play his guitar.

When Katrina and Laurence arrived I was relaxed and ready to go. Apparently Katrina had never actually been to Granville Island before! She is from the island and Laurence is from the Vancouver area. The two of them actually met because Laurence was Katrina's real-estate agent (seriously can this story get anymore romantic!). We had so much fun showing her around and taking pictures I was almost a little sad when it came time to say goodbye.

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