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May The 4th Be With You

If you are a Star Wars fan then May 4th is one of those days that stays marked on your calendar every year. This year was extra special for Monica and Vic. Vic being a Star Wars fan naturally decided to tie the knot on this special date. The stars were certainly aligned for these two since May the 4th landed on a Saturday.

I had met Monica prior to the wedding but had not met Vic until the morning of due to his career. He is a Forrest Fire fighter which has him working out of town more than he's not. The morning of the wedding I arrived at the boys getting ready location to catch some of their shenanigans . I was welcomed by smiling faces and listened into some of their stories while they were hanging out enjoying the festive morning. Of course the boys were not quite on track so I had to race over to Monica who was getting ready at the ceremony location. When I arrived I had this beautiful view of Mount Cheam which was the back drop to their ceremony. When I went inside Monica was surrounded by friends and family laughter and excitement.

Everything for Monica and Vic's wedding was so personally detailed and truly about their family. Their ceremony was beautiful and totally hilarious. Most of all their love shined through everything. The had a sand ceremony to unify that their family was one. This ceremony was such a highlight to their wedding since their kids got to be involved.

After the ceremony we escaped over to Harrison hot springs for another spectacular mountainous back drop. Its safe to say we had some fun with our photos! The whole wedding party was the definition of a party. There were tons of laughs, (I promise if you book with me I won't make your photo experience boring.) After photos we arrived at their reception which was already going full force with their Photo Booth and candy bar. There were little storm troopers and Darth Vader's running around even their cake was set for the stars. They had an interactive game for Monica and Vic to kiss rather than clinking glasses. The guests either had to donate to their honeymoon or do a task. Well.... the guests were all for getting these two kissing it was so fun! There was singing, jokes being told and even a big group dance! I could go on forever about there wedding, I had a blast and will definitely keep this one in my memory bank for years to come.


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