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Steveston Elopement

I don't think I can say I have a favourite kind of wedding because I truly love them all! I think thats what drew me into the wedding industry is being obsessed about weddings. From your heart felt vows to your portrait sessions, all the little details that help tell your story to your family sharing stories about your life during speeches, your friends goofing off during your reception to those small moments in between with just the bride and groom. Your wedding doesn't have to be a huge ordeal if thats not what you are into. Matt and Allison didn't want the huge ceremony in front of everyone and it was so beautiful. They had a small backyard ceremony with only their parents and siblings. I just loved intimate it was.

After the ceremony we hopped out back in the lane behind Matt's Parents house which was so picture perfect might I add! Lets just say when I lived in Vancouver the lane behind our house was not this nice! After their family portraits we got to enjoy Allison's Dads stunning GTO!!!! I was terrified to go near it. We then escaped for some private time for the two of them to go down to Steveston. We enjoyed some laughs and wondered around taking photos. The best part of this was we could take our time since there was so reception time that we had to run back to since they had planned to have the reception the following weekend. Matt and Allison had the opportunity to soak in the moment and reality of their marriage. This was another wedding for the books and I loved every moment of it.

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