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Sunflowers, Sunsets and Dinosaurs

What do sunflowers sunsets and dinosuar costumes have in common?..........

The most epicly gorgeous maternity session on the planet! When one of you friends becomes pregnant you decide together that a maternity session during sunset ,at the Cultus lake Flower Festival is necessary. When we arrived at the fields we were greated by Jesse the owner who had poured his heart and soul into creating the most beautiful fields surrounded by mountains. The previous year I had been to the Chilliwack Sunflower Festival but honestly this one was so much better. It may not have been as large but this seemed way more personal. This was like walking into Old Hand Coffee vs Starbucks. You could sense the blood sweat and tears that went into these fields. Jesse planted every seed himself and tended to the fields day in and out. I definetly can not wait to return this year and see what he has done.

I gathered my gear while Josh pulled out a surprise for me. None other than a dinosaur costume! He asked me if it was ok and of course I said hell ya! If you know me then the fact that it was a dinosaur costume was probably the highlight of my photography year. We started out with some "traditional" maternity photos and then we got to the fun stuff.

I swear everyone else in the fields thought we were crazy hearing the histaricle laughter. The sun lowered behind the mountains while we finished shooting. The best part of all of this was it is all on video! I have started my newest adventure of adding video into my photography so this was just priceless. I know one day their little girl will look at this and think her parents are the corniest people alive or maybe the coolest.

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