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Sunny Sunshine Valley Wedding

Fellow book worms you should all take a moment and idolize this wedding. Chad and Sara are a couple who have the ultimate romantic story. These two bonded together with mushy romantic novels that truly makes my heart flutter with joy. During their engagement session I got to know these two and discovered that their love of books and each other ties hand in hand (Sara even brought some books to their engagement session). The most important novel to their collection is the Time Travellers Wife. Chad borrowed Sara's book and as he was reading would leave little love notes and circle quotes from the book for when it was Sara's turn to read. These cute notes are such a significant part to their own love story they had to include the book in their wedding. Their center pieces included a copy on ever table along with a collection of their favourite books. These novels were a key part in their reception. They had their guests participate in a game guessing which book was either the bride or groom's novel of choice. Who ever guessed right got to eat first.

The Bride and Groom's love of reading wasn't the only reflection of these two. The location up in the Sunshine Valley was a very significant location. Sara had been coming up to this spot with her family her entire life. There was even a mischievous "graffiti story" that has stayed there marking this beautiful location. By beautiful I mean absolutely stunning! If you haven't spent any time up in the sunshine valley you better get that on your bucket list. Surrounded by soaring mountains, fields of wild flowers and the smell of fresh pine.

Sara was all smiles all day from getting ready until the first dance. Their laughter spread through everyone that was there. This couple was the epitome of fun! My cheeks hurt at the end of the day since I spent the entire day smiling and laughing.

Venue: Sunshine Valley Inn

Makeup Artist : Beauty Uncovered Makeup Artistry

Hair: Greta's Hair Studio

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